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Tips for Moving

  • It is crucial to tell the removal company all the details involved in your move. We will always give our best price, but without all the details we cannot give you an accurate quote. Giving a full inventory and noting any special requirements (furniture disassembly, no lift etc) will ensure no surprises.
  • Larger furniture, mainly beds, can be disassembled prior to moving. This will save a lot of time and therefore money, and also ensures more space in the van. We do offer this service as an extra, please ask when recieving your quote.
  • Using good quality boxes and parcel tape will make a big difference in protecting your items in transit and will prevent accidents. We have medium and large moving boxes available, please ask when receiving your quote.
  • Labelling boxes can save a massive amount of time, the movers will need less direction and all your items will be in their proper place at the end of a stressful day! Marking fragile items is important and will help when loading the van.
  • If possible, do not overfill boxes, making sure that the lids can be closed. The boxes will be much more stable in transit, and the weight will be spread more evenly, keeping the boxes on the bottom from being squashed.
  • Washing Machines and Dishwashers should be disconnected at least 24 hours prior to moving, and the water from the pipes drained into a bucket.
  • Freezers should be fully defrosted before moving. Older fridge and freezer models (10 years +) should be left for 12-24 hours before being switched on in their new home.
  • Keep a bag with some essential items with you. Obvious things such as old and new keys, your phone and some cash but also a phone charger, lunch, a list of phone numbers, take away menus and some toiletries will all come in handy throughout the day!