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Chester Van Men

Removals in Chester, Liverpool and Manchester

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Chester House Removals

It hardly needs stating that our beloved home of Chester is our main hub of work (the clue’s in the name!)

What can be said about Chester that hasn’t been said a thousand times before? With it’s magnificent Roman architecture, historic city centre with their unique Rows for shopping, gorgeous Riverside, tudor era pubs nestled cheek to cheek with hipster coffee shops (I’m a big fan of both Jaunty Goat and my fave Moss coffee, try them out!), as well as it’s beautiful new arts project and theatre Storyhouse standing magnificent in the city centre, I as well as the team are proud to call this place home. I would estimate we’ve done in excess of 2,000 jobs in the city since we got started, Chester is far more than just our daily bread, it’s our tribe and our home!

If you’re looking to move house in Chester, look no further than Chester Van Men.